Darrin are tree-people, standing anywhere from 6 to 9 feet tall with dark bark-like skin and pale eyes. Possibly brought about from the magical fallout of the Sundering or just hidden very well beforehand, Darrin seem to be native to Tiat. Not much is known about this race.

Religion & Culture
Darrin worship nature and balance above all else. They believe that everything happens for a reason and prefer not to interfere with the natural order but if they must, they believe it was meant to be. Darrin do have gods they believe in but their temples are extremely well-hidden.

The grove is where all darrin are born, however no one knows where this is located. Darrin can be found in any moderate climate region with plentiful light and water sources.

Life Cycle
Darrin are supposedly born from the Great Tree in the grove however no one has ever seen a non-adult darrin individual. The ages of darrin are indeterminate and those who do not die on their adventures will one day mysteriously disappear to return to the grove.

Common Drives and Character "Classes"
Restoring natural resources or spiritually guiding individuals are common motivations for darrin. Due to their high potential for magical ability and supernatural link to plantlife, darrin make great Shamans and Trackers.

Darrin progress as clerics in regards to xp, saving throws and hit points.

Darrin start with 1d6 mp and gain 1d4 each level up to 7th level then add +1 for each additional level

Darrin can speak with plantlife once per day.

Darrin do not have to eat but must have twice the amount of water as other races per day and every 3 days without sunlight causes their stats to be temporarily halved. Darrin will die if without sunlight for 9 days. It takes a full day of sunlight to restore any stats that have been altered.