Dwarves are hairy, spindly limbed, spider-like creatures. They make their homes deep in the caves and mountains of Tiat. In order to interact with outside society, some Dwarves inhabit the bodies of 4-5 ft tall rock golems they create themselves and decorate ornately with fine gems and rubies. A light flesh-to-stone spell is cast on the golem upon entering the cavity. Having no mouths of their own, dwarves communicate to other intelligent creatures via selective telepathy.

Religion & Culture
Dwarves worship Bijenkorf, the hive mother, as their goddess and queen. Everything a dwarf does is for the hive mother. Most dwarves will live and die in the caves of Tiat continually hunting in the darkness for food and gemstones for Bijenkorf. Dwarves are divided up into classes in the hive. The Wacht construct huge monstrous golems for themselves to guard the caves and the hive mother. The Ras impregnate the hive mother and take care of the young dwarves that result from that. The Ambacht craft the great dwarven halls, weapons and artifacts. The Onderzoek construct smaller almost human-like golems for themselves to explore the land in search of treasures for the hive mother. The Onderzoek are what most of Tiat society knows as 'dwarf'.

The vast majority of dwarves live deep in the mountains of Tiat although the occasional Onderzoek dwarf can be found practically anywhere.

Life Cycle
Dwarves have no gender and reproduce via the Ras and the hive mother. Once a pod of dwarves is laid, the queen assigns each dwarf a class that it must adhere to for the rest of its' life. The average dwarf lifespan is 300 years and the common age for an Onderzoek adventurer to strike out is 25. A dwarf is considered an adult at 25.

Common Drives and Character "Classes"
The only drive for a dwarf is exploration and finding jewels and other curiosities for the hive mother. Since the Onderzoek dwarf is the only type of dwarf to leave the caves, it is the only 'class' available that is to say a Treasure Hunter and Explorer.

Dwarves follow the dwarf progression in all regards.

Dwarves start with 1d3 mp and gain 1d3 each level up to 3rd level then add +1 for each additional level.