Elves were once the most prominent race on Tiat. They were the ones that were originally from this planet and engineered the machinations that brought the other races here. They are no longer the most prominent race. Elves stand anywhere from four and a half to six feet tall with pointed ears and large eyes with skintones in shades of gray.

Religion & Culture
At the height of their civilization, the majority of elves had abandoned the idea of religion and gods as either unimportant or non-existant. Many of the survivors of the Great Sundering believed that the Great Sundering was a sign of anger from the ancient Elder Gods of Tiat and in today's time many still worship those same Elder Gods. Elven believers of the Elder Gods regularly practice ritual sacrifice of burnt offerings to various gods at their temples. One of the two highest holy times for an elf is the Tia'ga Xargug'zul or the Bountiful Harvest of Xargug'zul. The Tia'ga Xargug'zul is a 2 week celebration before the end of every year wherein an outsider is showered with gifts and feasts for the entire 2 week celebration before being ritually slaughtered and burned by an elven priest on the final day. This is an appeal to Xargug'zul for his mighty essence to rise from the abyss to make the crops grow fuller and for a longer period of time. The other is the Great Yog Offering which only occurs on one night every 29 years. This holiday occurs when both moons, Phobos and the Red Moon eclipse one another. When the Red Moon appears in the sky, every elven family must find and kill at least one non-believer and drag he or she to the great Offering Circle, any family that does not complete the dark task by the time of the eclipse will be offered themselves. This is to appease Yog so another Great Sundering will not occur. Due to the brutal nature of their culture, there is a rift that has started growing between the believers of the Elder Gods and those that have begun to re-embrace the scientific ideals and practices of their ancestors.

Elves can be found in every livable region and climate on Tiat. The bigger Elder God-centric elven cities are located in humid jungle areas.

Life Cycle
Elves reproduce sexually. The average lifespan for an elf is 500 years and the common age for an adventurer starting out is 50 and will usually return to their birthplace at around 150-350 to live out the rest of their life. An elf is considered an 'adult' at 50.

Common Drives and Character "Classes"
Spreading the good word of the Elder Gods, discovering ancestral technology or trying to clear the name of their people are common drives for Elves. Due to their potential for high magical energy and their brutal practices, elves are usually Dark Priests or Black Knights. Conversely, due to their ancestral lineage of high technology, elves make great Engineers and Technicians as well.

Elves follow the elf progression in all regards.

Elves start with 1d4 mp and gain 1d4 each level up to 5th level then add +1 for each additional level