Humans are not native to Tiat. Humans range anywhere from 5 to 7 feet tall and any skintone from pale white to dark brown.

Religion & Culture
There are no 'typical' religions for humans. Various gods are worshipped by humans across Tiat. The cultures are varied as well.

Although humans are not native to Tiat, they are the most widespread and can be found in virtually any livable region.

Life Cycle
Humans reproduce sexually. The average human lifespan is about 70 years old and the common age for an adventurer starting out is 18. Humans are considered 'adult' at 18.

Common Drives and Character "Classes"
Being one of the most diverse races, humans can have a multitude of motivations to strike out on their adventuring career. Spreading the word of their god, seeking out arcane tomes of immense magical power, vowing revenge on a past foe or desiring material wealth are some of the most common drives humans have to endanger their lives adventuring. From swashbuckling pirates to pious monks and everything in between, humans have an extremely diverse class palette with no 'typical' paths.

Humans progress as fighters in regards to xp, saving throws and hp.

Humans start with 1d4 mp and gain 1d4 each level up to 5th level then add +1 for each additional level.