Leyscarred are humans who have been magically mutated by the leylines and manasprings of Tiat. Leyscarred are gaunt hairless humans with various mutations, some being held in high esteem for their gifts and some being shunned as freaks for their appearance.

Religion & Culture
Being human originally, there are no 'typical' gods amongst leyscarred people but due to their altered state, some of their beliefs are more 'colorful' than the average human. Many leyscarred (especially the more drastically mutated) will cluster together and form shanty-towns that they guard ferociously from outsiders.

Although leyscarred are born on leylines and manasprings, they usually won't stay there and can be found in any livable region on Tiat.

Life Cycle
Leyscarred reproduce sexually. The average leyscarred lifespan is about 120 years and the common age for an adventurer starting out is 18. A leyscarred person is considered an adult at age 18.

Common Drives and Character "Classes"
Seeking material wealth, using their mutations for the greater good, or using their mutations for personal gain are common motivations for leyscarred people. Due to their potential for very high magical energy and occasional psychic-related mutations, leyscarred make natural Mystics, Sorcerers or Fortune-Tellers. Much of the more physically mutated leyscarred make a living performing in freak-shows or other types of bawdy entertainment.

To generate stats for this race, roll 1 D20 down the line; any score under a 3 becomes a 3 and you roll for a detrimental mutation for that stat (for INT, WIS, or CHA roll on the Mental Mutations, for STR, DEX or STA roll on the Physical Mutations); any score above an 18 becomes 18 and you roll for a beneficial mutation(INT,WIS,CHA - Mental, STR, DEX, CON - Physical). If no score is below 3 or above 18, the player may roll for one beneficial mutation or 2 beneficial mutations and 1 detrimental mutation.

Leyscarred progress as specialists in regards to xp, saving throws and hit points.

Leyscarred start with 1d6 mp and gain 1d4 each level up to 7th level then add +1 for each additional level.


1.Natural Armor - thick fur, scales or rubbery skin; +1 to AC
2.Night Vision - you can see in the darkness up to 60 ft; cannot be used in magical darkness
3.Redundant Organs - you have extra vital organs; death occurs at -12 hp
4.Spiny Growths - you have small spikes growing from parts of your body that inflict 1d4 damage to any enemy attacking you
5.Chameleon Skin - you have the ability to blend into the background; +3 to hide checks
6.Elasticity - your limbs can stretch an additional foot in length beyond maximum reach

1.Black Eyes - people don't readily trust you; -2 to retainer/loyalty rolls
2.Vestigial Limbs - you have an additional malformed arm or leg that gets in the way; -2 to DEX
3.Glowing Skin - your skin emits a faint glow at all times
4.Solar Susceptibility - your skin cannot be exposed to sunlight; you take 1 point of damage per turn when exposed to sunlight
5.Weakness Pheromone - you emit a smell of weakness; animals and unintelligent monsters attack you more frequently
6.Forked Tongue - people don't readily trust you; -2 to retainer/loyalty rolls

1.Imposing Presence - opposition is more fearful of you; -2 to enemy morale
2.Psychic Foresight - you have the ability to see slightly into the future once per day; you can re-roll any roll once per day
3.Psychic Meditation - you can regain 1d6 mp a day through meditation; must be able to meditate for 2 uninterrupted hours and can only be used once per day
4.Know Direction - you always know which direction to go
5.Hypnotizing Gaze - anything intelligent that looks in your eyes is more likely to obey your will
6.Inspiring Presence - hired help is more loyal to you; +2 to loyalty rolls

1.Magical Forgetfulness - you can only prepare half the normal amount of spells that you are allotted
2.Psychic Vampirism - you drain magic from others when casting spells; -1 mp from random teammate any time a spell is cast
3.Malformed Brain - mutation has caused part of your brain to magically atrophy; -3 INT
4.Synesthesia - you occasionally perceive sound as movement and vice-versa; 50% chance of listen checks will cause character to see something or vice-versa
5.Visions - you will occasionally see things that aren't there, sometimes prophetic sometimes not
6.Tiring Presence - hired help isn't very loyal to you; -2 to loyalty rolls