Originally from a land of giants, miece or rat people are an alien race brought to Tiat by the elves thousands of years ago. Miece stand between two and four feet tall and have a range of colors from brown to white to black.

Religion & Culture
Although miece are typically monotheistic worshipping Copi'Bara, they will also pray to the Chosen Few. Miece are very pious and passionate creatures who hold old world traditions in the highest regards. The Partidoquinze is the celebration that all miece women have when reaching the age of 15. Maneirado Guerreiro is the rite of passage all miece men must complete before they are considered men. A miece man cannot marry unless he has successfully completed the Maneirado Guerreiro, and failure to complete it by the age of 20 results in the miece man being labeled 'Proscrito'. He then must cut off his own tail and is excommunicated from the clan.

Miece can be found in practically any region on Tiat but are typically found in plains areas of moderate climate.

Life Cycle
Miece reproduce sexually. Their lifespan is about 40 years on average and the common age for an adventurer starting out is 12. Miece are considered 'adult' at 15.

Common Drives and Character "Classes"
The Maneirado Guerreiro is the prime motivation for miece men to begin their adventure, proving their worth as equals in a sexist culture is the usual motivation for miece women to begin theirs. Proscrito miece usually scrape by as Rogues and Brigands whereas regular miece men become Paladins. Miece women are usually Healers of some kind or Thieves.

Miece are generated and progress as halflings in all regards. This includes Dex and AC bonuses and the inability to use large weapons and must use medium weapons 2-handed.

Miece start with 1d4 mp and gain 1d4 each level up to 5th level then add +1 for each additional level.