Albinapes are hyper-intelligent apes that stand around 8 feet tall and have fur that ranges in color from snow-white to gray.

Religion & Culture

Albinapes can be found in any moderate to frigidly cold climate region.

Life Cycle

Common Drives and Character "Classes"

Albinapes follow the magic user progression in regards to xp and saving throws.
Albinapes start with 1d10 hp and gain 1d10 hp per level up until level 10 and then add +2 for each additional level with no constitution modifiers.

Albinapes start with 1d3 mp and gain 1d3 each level up to 3rd level then add +1 for each additional level.

Albinapes have an additional +2 STR, +1 INT and -2 DEX as racial modifiers.