The Land of Tiat

The Land of Tiat is a strange fantasy world blending elements of horror, sci-fi, and traditional fantasy. The characters do not start out as epic heroes in a legendary quest to save the world and as such it will be up to the player to decide the fate of their character.

This is a lower level campaign. Monsters are monstrous, magic items are extremely rare and mysterious and any treasure is a hard-fought spoil. There are no superheroes or supervillains and any character at or above 10th level would be considered very threatening.

Although levels are still in tact, classes have been done away with and a characters advancement is based on their particular race. Fighters may cast spells, spellcasters may pick locks, etc. For an explanation of how this is handled, check out the Mechanics section.

As a general rule it is assumed that a character's skillset is determined by the concept of said character (with the exception of what is stated in this wiki or the lotfp rules) ie a pirate-type character would know how to sail or tie a knot, a bard-type character would know how to play an instrument or sing etc.